Web Development and
System Administration
made simple
for small businesses!

Linux Operating Systems are stable and secure, but hard to use. We make the administration and management of your Linux infrastructure easy.

Everything you need to run your linux infrastructure.

Design and develop custom web applications tailored to your clients' requirements. This includes creating interactive user interfaces, implementing backend functionality, integrating databases, and ensuring secure and scalable web solutions.

Experience Excellence with Our Linux Services

Unparalleled expertise in Linux system administration, Linux consulting, and general technical services. Dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Linux System Administration

Stay on top of things with industry leading infrastructure.

Empower your Linux infrastructure through meticulous server setup, configuration, monitoring, and security hardening for uninterrupted performance and enhanced protection.

Linux Consulting

Never lose momentum due to technical challenges.

Benefit from our expert guidance in architecture design, performance optimization, and technology recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead.

General Technical Support

Flexible Supplemental Support for various other technical aspects of running your business

Overcome technical obstacles with ease as we provide troubleshooting, database management, virtualization, and systems architecture services, tailored to your unique requirements.

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Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, we work well for you.


Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started.


  • for <10 person companies
  • Up to 5 linux servers and 10 databases
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Small business

Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.


  • for 10-30 person companies
  • Up to 10 linux servers and 20 databases
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For even the biggest enterprise companies.


  • for 30+ person companies
  • Up to 15 linux servers and 30 databases
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